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Livestock guardian dog cost

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. ... Livestock guardian dogs have several methods for protecting their charges from predators, including perimeter patrols, marking, barking, posturing, chasing, and attacking. Multiple livestock guardian dogs are typically needed for protection against larger.

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These are large dogs (most will be over 100 pounds) and they eat a lot! We go through about two 40 pound bags of food each month, plus excess milk, meat scraps, and fat. Purebred dogs can cost upwards of $1000 apiece. Crossbred dogs have hybrid vigor, are less expensive, and have a combination of good qualities from different breeds.

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Roger Woodruff, USDA, APHIS, ADC Guarding Dog Specialist, 720 O'Leary Street, NW.Olympic, Washington 98502, (360) 753-9884, Jeffrey S. Green, USDA, APHIS, ADC, 12345 W. Alameda Parkway, Suite 204, Lakewood, CO 80220, (303) 969-6565 ext. 233. Jim Luchsinger, USDA, APHIS, ADC, P.O. Box 81866, Lincoln, Nebraska 69501-1866, (402) 434-2340,.

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Some ranchers prefer donkeys to livestock guardian dogs due to their relatively low acquisition and maintenance costs, their compatibility with other predator control methods (e.g., traps, poisons, and snares), their greater longevity, and the fact that they are less likely to stray outside fencelines (Walton and Field 1989).

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10. Maremma Sheepdog. This Italian sheepdog is known for its alert instincts and loyal attitude, making the breed an excellent choice for livestock guardian dogs . In fact, this is another LGD breed that is well-suited for guarding a variety of different farm animals, ranging from sheep to chicken to ducks.

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